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CRACK Adobe Keygen All Products

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How to implement Push Notification Extension

In my application i am using push notifications, my requirement is to display a Message in Notification when user interact with my application.


Check Google's Push-Extension-Guide and Apple's iOS Application Programming Guide.
Apple also explains how to receive push notifications.
The general pattern is that your application registers a notification listener with the remote app service, which sends you notifications when something happens, like a message is sent to your server. Your application then listens for the notification and takes action depending on the message you receive.
The apps I've seen in-line with the answers have a user code interface. But you're looking for push notifications, which means the activity takes place somewhere else, on the server side.

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How to create a meaningful, searchable, history of edits on a wiki page?

I'm working on a wiki pages, in which I may make multiple edits over a period of several days or several weeks. In this case, I should leave a log on the page that describes the history of edits. How can I easily accomplish this?


Even though the topic may be dated, sometimes I still encounter places where the Wiki software will not fully register an edit, so the history is hidden; this is

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